Picking The Right Preschool For Your Gifted Child

Posted on: 18 November 2015

At some point, you may have noticed that your preschooler is further along than others in his or her class. Maybe your preschooler learned his or her alphabet much more quickly and has advanced linguistic capabilities. Your child may have sophisticated thoughts not common among those in his or her age range. If this is the case, you will want to find the right preschool that can harness these gifts and put them to good use.

Play-Centered Learning Is Always Preferable

One of the differences between preschool children and older kids is that preschoolers learn best almost exclusively through play. Playtime is not frivolous, but instead is a time in which your child develops cognitive abilities and early social skills. Therefore, any preschool will need to still be geared toward play while still guiding your child in a direction that helps accelerate intellectual development. Also, children learn best when their playtime is self-directed or directed by other children.

Another reason why the preschool should be play-centered is because some gifted children have deficits in their social skills. Many children find it easier to interact with others in a playful environment. Some parents believe that playtime takes away from academic achievements, but poor social skills can actually harm a child's future prospects as much as low academic achievement.

Ask About Whether The School Cultivates Leadership Skills

Another problem some gifted children may have is a higher level of emotional maturity and a greater desire for leadership. If your child has these characteristics, he or she is more likely to be bossy and this can have a negative impact on your child's relationships. Therefore, you may want to find a preschool that seeks to teach leadership at an early age and that is also more flexible to your child's needs.

Find Out How Flexible The School Is

Gifted children are often less patient toward certain behaviors other children commonly experience, such as being talked about in their presence or having scheduled nap times when your child isn't tired. For this reason, preschools designed specifically for gifted children or that have a greater degree of flexibility are preferred.

Consider How Warm And Personable The School Is

The preschool should not only be a place of learning, but must also be a warm environment that your child can see as his or her home. When your child does not feel comfortable in the preschool, the stress that results can actually hider learning. The teachers should take an active and genuine interest in the children and there should also be a low teacher-to-student ratio.  

For more information, contact various preschools, such as Kid's Country Child Care & Learning Center, to find out if they are a good fit for your child.