When Kids Think Pills Are Putrid: Two Easy Ways To Get Your Kids To Take Their Medicine Consistently

Posted on: 19 October 2015

Kids can be notoriously stubborn, even when you're trying to convince them to do something good for them. Children often get extra stubborn when it comes to taking their pills, leaving a frazzled parent on the verge of their own meltdown. When it comes to something like melatonin for kids with ADHD, it is essential to make sure the pills actually get into the child's body consistently if you want to get the desired effect of regulated behavior. Here are a couple of easy ways to fight the often-difficult battle of the pills with your kids!

Tricking the Tongue

The chief complaint that many kids have about taking pills is that they have an aftertaste. A good way to eliminate this problem is to trick the tongue. Have something sweet on hand both before and after the pill is taken. For example, have your child suck on a popsicle in their favorite flavor for a few seconds before they take the pill.

The minute the pill is swallowed, give the popsicle back to your child. This will coat the mouth with sweetness and prevent any nasty aftertaste from setting in. Of course, having a sweet treat will also make your child realize that taking medicine can come with some sweet benefits!

Reaping the Rewards

Another way to make kids look at taking their pills in a whole new light is to give them visual rewards. Consider posting a calendar in the area where your child takes their pills every day. For every "no-fighting" dose, place a star (or any type of positive mark) on the calendar that day. 

Create an award system that gives your child something to shoot for. For example, seven consecutive days of taking pills without a fight could equal a new book, and a full month could yield a new toy. Much like a child who begins to behave extra-nicely as Christmas (and Santa Claus!) approaches, your child may just revamp their whole approach towards taking medicine when they know that there is a desirable award for consistent good behavior.

If your child is extra resistant to taking their pills, even after you put the above tips into action, consider speaking to your doctor about whether a liquid version of the medication is available. Supplements like melatonin are made in cherry flavored liquids that even a highly reluctant child might be willing to embrace with open arms!